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Duct Cleaning – Friendship, MD

Friendship, MD Duct Cleaning

Fixxed Right and Guaranteed provides A/C installations, A/C repair. furnace installations, furnace repair.
Fixed Right and Guaranteed provides A/C installations, A/C repair. furnace installations, furnace repair.

Duct Cleaning in Friendship, MD

Improve your indoor air quality and efficiency


When you turn on your home’s heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, do you notice dust and dirt coming from your vents? Do you see dust or pet hair trapped in your vents? Is there a dust coating across the grill on the return air registers? All or any of these indicators show that your HVAC system and ductwork are due for a thorough cleaning.

What’s the trouble with a little dirt and dust you say? Plenty! From increased energy costs to potential health problems, there are many reasons to have your air ducts cleaned now:

  1. Dirt and dust restrict your HVAC system’s heating and cooling.
  2. Dirt and dust restrict air flow.
  3. The longer your HVAC system operates, the more wear and tear it undergoes.
  4. Dust contains not only fine dirt, but also dead skin, pet dander, microorganisms from cat litter (toxoplasmosis), and other particulates such as pollen, mold spores, fungi, and even rodent feces.
  5. Dirt and dust spread quicker in a home with dirty ducts.
Top 5 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning
  1. Better and reliable over-all performance from your HVAC system
  2. Fewer expensive repairs from wear and tear and longer HVAC system life
  3. More energy efficiency, reducing your energy bills
  4. Lower likelihood of respiratory and allergy problems 
  5. Less dust makes it easier to clean and maintain your home’s living space.

A visit from a professional air duct cleaning service can prevent many maintenance and health problems before they start. Plus, you’ll start saving money on heating and cooling!

Ultimately, cleaning the ducts of your HVAC system is not a do-it-yourself project. And it’s certainly not a job for a cheap guy with an air compressor in a minivan, either. A thorough cleaning can only be performed by using industry-standard equipment designed to handle the size and volume of all kinds of homes. That’s why you can trust the trained professionals at Fixed Right and Guaranteed, LLC.

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