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Duct Cleaning – St. Leonard, MD

St. Leonard Duct Cleaning

Fixxed Right and Guaranteed provides A/C installations, A/C repair. furnace installations, furnace repair.
Fixed Right and Guaranteed provides A/C installations, A/C repair. furnace installations, furnace repair.

Duct Cleaning in St. Leonard, MD

A Healthy Home Improvement

In the United States and throughout the world, healthy living has become a way of life. We have also become concerned with the environmental issues our society faces.

The most overlooked issue is the air that we breathe within our own home. The Environmental Protection Agency says indoor air has been found to be up to 65 times more polluted than outdoor air. Considering  most people spend between 60% to 90% of their time indoors, these facts are quite alarming.

It is very important that you maintain clean air ducts in your home to minimize all potential health risks. Air Ducts are a perfect breeding ground for dust mites and other microbiological contaminants. Dust easily accumulates over time in areas thoughout your home. Can you imagine what you will find in an air duct system that hasn’t been cleaned in 5, 10, 20 years?

Fixed Right and Guaranteed’s Super Techs utilizes the most advanced duct cleaning process available to significantly reduce the amount of harmful allergens in your home. We offer a complete spectrum of air duct cleaning services utilizing advanced duct cleaning methods to scrub your air ducts clean of contaminants, mites, dust, mildew, animal dander, pollen, & debris.

Get your duct cleaning service scheduled today! When it comes to the cleanliness and quality of the air you breathe, don't settle for anything less than the best. At Fixed Right and Guaranteed, LLC., we pride ourselves on being the leading air duct cleaning experts throughout the St. Leonard area. With our exceptional services and commitment to customer satisfaction, we guarantee to deliver outstanding results for your home.

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St Leonard Duct Cleaning

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